Sheila Martin is 69 years of age and has been painting avidly for 12 years.  Also works as a chef making sugar free cake and doing demos at Fenwicks and Chelmsford Race Couse.  Teaching people what is on the market for the diabetes diet.     She  has been working in offices previously.   Lives in Kelvedon Essex

Had three exhibitions and worked in open gardens and Stoke Mandeville Hospital.  A few months ago she exhibited in Ninevah house and is still there painting and on 5th December there is an open day

Due to the Coronavirus no exhibotions and teaching in 2020 hopefully 2021 will be a better year.

Art is all about emotion, feeling and giving to others.  it is such a wonderful thing to do to start from scratch and build up painting for people to enjoy.  So Sheila never did art for a living now she is promoting herself for exhibitions.  When she went to school there were never all those wonderful art colours and medias to hand.  Flowers and forests are her main works. 

Please enjoy the website and if you would like one Sheila would only be delighted to paint for you or to teach you her techniques.

Sheila likes to paint in all types of media,    She uses pebeo golds and silvers, glitter and masking fluid 

Look at her work send her an email if you would one painted to your taste.or learn how to paint and enjoy making a picture of your own. 

pink rose parad £400
light at the end of the tunnel 250
loping hall loughton 2019
sold tara

07377 400083

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