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 Artists Statement

Going to Hobbycraft Chingford on Saturday 12th October 2019 at 1.15pm  to do autumnal trees and work with young students.

Green Island Gardens on Sunday 13th October at 11 am to 3 pm  Did two demos at open gardens one in chelmsford and one in Danbury.  Lots of people enquiring about my work.   

So excited, going to Stoke Mandeville Hospital again to do a lesson with the patients on 27th October 2019 at 12pm.   Went to Stoke Mandeville Hospital to do a demo bank holiday monday August.  Very Hot  and set up 8 little sheets of my work for patients to work on in Horatios  Garden.   It was a wonderful day quite hot but the patients found it very therapeutic to paiant poppies  pp Battle Art Group had the  Exhibition  and i entered 4 paintings and sold to lynne gap and wild poppies.   

Sat outside the lopping hall gallery demonstrating and so many people were interested i my work.  What a wonderful dayViewing at the Level Best Art Cafe went well lots of food and nibbles for the guests.   The students worked very hard to get it ready and it looked a treat.  Look at the facebook page of level art best art cafe of me with my pictures.

Hobbycraft Chelmsford Art Day booked on the on December 14th and Chingford October 6th.  

Linda want to buy wild poppies, mothers day flowers and blue orchids. I am taking them to Huntigdon in a couple of weeks.  Took four paintings up to Lincoln  Linda Ellery came and collected them and said she would like three more.  I suggested that i would do an exhibition there for the Lions Charity.   She loved the Yachts best very popular.  I have painted four yachts, a waterfall and a grey forest For a; lovely lady who lives in Lincoln.    

If anyone wants information would like me to exhibiti do a commission large or small go to bottom of page and le me know

I also have a CRB for young children and have a room to teach at hobby craft chelmsford.

bella frisen sold
sold tara

Sheila Martin is 68 years of age and has been painting avidly for 10 years.  She retired from being a chef 4 years ago and has been working in offices previously.   Lives in Kelvedon and attended various art classes and progressed from there. 

This year has been a very successful year three demonstrations at Hobbycraft in Chelmsford and they are letting me teach children for a couple of hours.    

Art is all about emotion, feeling and giving to others.  it is such a wonderful thing to do to start from scratch and build up painting for people to enjoy.  So Sheila never did art for a living now she is promoting herself for exhibitions.  When she went to school there were never all those wonderful art colours and medias to hand.  Flowers and forests are her main works. 

Please enjoy the website and if you would like one Sheila would only be delighted to paint for you or to teach you her techniques.

Sheila is an amateur artist and lives in Essex.  She likes to paint in all types of media,    She uses pebeo golds and silvers, glitter and masking fluid 

Look at her work send her an email if you would one painted to your taste.

07852 777395

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